Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Gift of Giving ... a Mechanized Wheelchair

On my list this year is 81-year old Connie H. who is sponsored by a senior organization. Connie lives alone and has cataracts on both eyee. She loves to cook and crochet afghans. She likes playing computer games, Mahjong and card card games. She's a "night-owl"> Has a cat (who doesn't like catnip).

Connie has the usual stuff on her Wish List, you know, gift card to Von's, food basket, etc., but what really caught my eye was a "mechanized wheelchair".

I'm wondering. Does anyone have one they would like to give Connie for Xmas? I never know what's lying around out in your garage or locked up in your s torage bin!! We need it by this Friday.


Susan said...

I know your the nation's leading Saturn Return expert. I remember a video you did on youtube about O. J. Simpson's Second Saturn Return. It's here: .

So I was wondering what you would say now, about him getting put in prison until 2017. What on earth happened to him??

Queen of Wands said...

Saturn brings huge rewards or disappointments and a chance to try again at 58-60 years old. Looks like ole OJ failed the test!

Susan Dunn Emotional Intelligence Coach said...

I sure wish I could help with this. I did have to spend some time in a wheelchair a couple of years ago, and after that, I wrote this article your readers might find helpful: