Monday, December 15, 2008

Bernard Madoff's Astrology Chart - You Cain't Stop What's Comin'

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Taurus-Taurus. They can be such arch villains, like Hitler.

Sun in 8°40 Taurus, Moon in 1°10 Taurus

Chinese Astrology: Earth Tiger

Numerology: Birthpath 9

For a detailed edcational analysis of Maodff's chart, click here.

What may be most interesting about the timing of Bernard L. Madoff's arrest Friday is that members of his own family ratted him out. That's an entirely other new look at Pluto in Capricorn the patriarchy!

As you know Russia, China and Mongolia are our target countries to be watching as well as Alaska and Korea. The patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Chiurch has just died. This is like the Pope dying for Catholics.

In the Italian Mafia an older family member takes the hit (what's a little ail time?) while the rest enjoy the money that's been stashed away. The Mafia Godfather is the ultimate Pluto in Capricorn figure.

ElsaElsa stirs up some discussion.

Read my article The New World Order about Wall Street, the SEC and more.

The son turned the father in - Uranus opposite Saturn - the son castrates the father.

Find the chart of any celebrity, ASTROTHEME.

Quoting fom Astrotheme, "Charles Gradante, co-founder of hedge-fund research firm Hennessee Group, observed that Madoff "only had five down months since 1996", and commented on Madoff's investment performance: "You can't go 10 or 15 years with only three or four down months. It's just impossible."

Please note 1996 is about the time Pluto entered Sagittarius. The truth came out right after Pluto moved to Capricorn. Pluto deals with things that are buried for a long time but you can neve stop what's coming. With Pluto there is always a day of reckoning, payback time. Seeds grow in the dark but one day they break through a crack or fissure into the light.

Positions of Planets

Sun 8°40' Taurus
Moon 1°10' Taurus
Mercury 26°25' Aries
Venus 29°37' Taurus [anaretic]
Mars 4°04' Gemini
Jupiter 28°05' Aquarius
Saturn 11°48' Aries
Uranus 13°24' Taurus
Neptune 18°37' Virgo
Pluto 27°55' Cancer

Node 27°56' Scorpio

Too much Taurus can be greed with a capital "G". We don't know what houses these planets are in but this is a selfish man, most planets being in the first 4 signs. Saturn in Aries: live by the sword, die by the sword.

North Node in Scorpio might be the "betrayal" of his family or rather his failure to consider motivated self interest in others or rather payback time. No doubt he ruled his family (his sons) with an iron hand and never saw it coming.

Look at your own life and see this is true. Sometime's it 's a long time comin' but it's comin'.

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