Sunday, December 7, 2008

What's Your Work Area Like?

The BBC today has a great article about how messy creative people are! this is the author's deesk.

Here's the article:

Says the author ...

" ... let's start with the desk. Or rather, let's not. The desk is too much. Little of its surface is visible through piled notebooks and shuffled papers. But observe this vertically striped earthenware mug full of ball-point pens. If the phone rings with information I must take down, I reach for one of these pens and find that it does not work. ....

"In the same vertically striped mug there are 15 other pens that do not work either. Vaguely I remember the day when I planned to sort through these pens and retain only those that did work. But I got distracted. What else is in the same mug? Jelly beans, several of which have grown fur."

Now here's my desk.

On the desk is a very girlie mug. In the mug you will find blue and black drywriters ( no longer have the whiteboard), a nail file, scissors that don't work, 2 pair of reading glasses I never use, some nail polish (much to my amazement), two pair of tiny reading glasses in nifty glasses cases I didn't remember and a AA battery.

This is my Leo Stellium and PIPsces IC (home officce) at battle with my Mars in Virgo which would like to have an office like


See the Eamonn McCabe - Writers' Rooms slideshow here:

What kind of work area do you have? Is it naughty or nice?

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