Friday, July 3, 2009

MIchael Jackson's Horoscope

Lunar Eclipse: 9 Feb 2009 20Leo59
Lunar Eclipse: 7 Jul 2009 15Cap24

One reason for so many deaths (including Michael Jackson's') is to look at the elipses. The most recent have been in Cancer and Capricorn, esoterically the way in to and out of life.

The July 7 eclipse foreshadowed MJ's death. Look at how it sits across his Midheaven and IC. Death is often predicted from preceding eclipse activity.

I find it more interesting to talk about MJ's death in terms of his abusive childhood and pataterns thaat brings up. His untimely death has stirred up my most vulnerable clients a they identify with the fragile hold MJ had on reality. I've recently become interested in spreading the word about Alice Miller's work on abused children. Her conclusion is that "the body never lies" and that abused children face years of agonizing health problems and breakdowns, even early death, because ... the body remembers everything. Unless and it's a big UNLESS there is intervention by an "enlightened witness" to the child's suffering at the time or later.


Despite having Mars and Aries Rising in this rectified chart, MJ is extremely sensitive as his Sun and Moon are in the 6th and 12th houses, Virgo and Pisces. Saturn in the 8th indicates a strong possibility of sexual abuse probably a grandparent or older male relative, even an older brother.

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Abused children become hypervigilant. Many are not safe anywhere least of all their own beds. Hypervigilance puts an extra strain on the nervous system that can lead to lifelong auto immune issues, bouts of CFS and fibromyalgia, to name a few high stress conditions.

Michael -- whatever else he was trying to do -- was always only trying to relax.

The role of the enlightened witness in keeping an abused child intact is so critical it cannot be overemphasized. This is NOT a traditional therapist but someone with special training and qualities. Learn more ....

If you suffered as a child and continue to have physical conditions with a strong emotional ocmponent (multiple car accidents, adrenal fatigue agoraphobia ...), here's the best enlightened witness I could ever reommend. Kathleen Rick does this type of healing work via phone.

If you were abused as a child, my point is, it won't just "go away". You have to do something. It's never too late. If you have depression, fatigue or ongoing bouts of poor health, contact Kathleen Rick today. Please tell her Nancy sent you!

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