Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let Me Be Your Astrologer

She just got her strological report ... have you had yours?


Thank you so much for this beautiful, insightful glimpse into who is hiding beneath the surface of my being. You clearly are incredibly gifted intuitively and the things you were able to glean from my astrological chart really blow all those cookie cutter computerized reports (my only experience with astrology in the past) out of the water. I really feel a tremendous amount of clarity about life purpose and direction after having read this. It was also exactly what I was thinking about in a tiny corner of my mind that I was afraid to really shine light onto for fear that it was an illusion that would disappear if I looked directly at it. Here is the confirmation of those suspicions that I so dearly needed. I feel tremendous gratitude for being drawn to your website and the reading was certainly worth much more money than I paid for it. I can't wait to read the books you've recommended.

Katherine (Texas)

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