Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy, Horoscope, A Sweet Soul Ascends

What was Senator Kennedy here to accomplish. This is revealed by the Dragon's Head in karmic astrology.
You be the judge. Did he get the job done?

Traditionally the Dragon’s Head in Pisces connotes an individual with great vitality and good fortune with children. The Dragon’s Tail in Virgo indicates trouble with the mental side of life. It may mean a hyper critical attitude that leaves no room for appreciation of beauty.

In past lifetimes, you were uber picky, even judgmental, and you bring this perspective with you into this incarnation. But it will pass away as you grow older. The longer you live, the more you will realize how rigid you have been. There is a world beyond what you can sense, and following the information you receive from your higher guidance will allow you to transcend the limits that have kept you in a prison of your own making.

Your need for structure is so great that you may make yourself sick with tension. You are prone to bouts of nervousness and irritability. There is only one cure: plunge into the cosmic ocean. Stop thinking and start feeling. Here is where your healing begins. You are probably asking yourself as you read this, “How does that work?” You must avoid exactly that type of analysis if you are to find happiness in this world.

You were born with an innate sense of danger. You are distrustful of the world and question the qualifications of experts and others who attempt to make sense of our physical surroundings. You may even fear that everything foreign brings disease. The only antidote is faith.

Many people with this node placement have sexuality issues. T hey may be physically present but emotionally absent during intercourse. You may go through periods of sexual deprivation.

You incarnated to ponder the mystery of how each individual is part of the Cosmic Whole. Each person is a cosmos unto himself, yet each is a discrete and unique piece of the universe. You must stop perceiving separateness and meditate on interconnectivity. If you are stubborn and resist this lesson, all your carefully laid plans will fall apart.

At your worst, you are stubborn and scattered at the same time. You are incapable of setting priorities, and may have self-destructive tendencies. Perhaps in childhood you were shamed or taught guilt, for it is typical of Pisces North Noders to live with such feelings buried deep inside them.

At your best you are a healer, using means metaphysical or conventional, such as Mary Baker Eddy, Edgar Cayce, Florence Nightingale, and Jonas Salk, who share this node placement. Or you might use the energy to reach out to others in distress, like Pisces North Noders Bob Geldof and Dian Fossey.

Sadly, many people with this node are so critical that they do not even like themselves. This makes relationships difficult, for no matter who you are with, you are always there, too. It is not uncommon for these individuals to become workaholics, which allows them to avoid relating for the most part, or to stay in destructive relationships since they are so terrified of being alone. In addition, an unbalanced Virgo South Node person may be bigoted, impossible to please, critical of others, and petty.
Water sports, especially fishing, may enhance your life greatly. Magic or the arts are also good. Imaginative writing can be beneficial, as well as an interest in medicine or literature. Good jobs for you include sales, painting, interior decorating, chef, and gymnast. Avoid any career which requires you to focus too heavily on details.
It is important that you come to accept yourself as you are and to ponder your place in this vast universe of ours. You fear emotional connections with others, yet this is your path to enlightenment. Feel. Have faith. Trust in your instincts. Do this and you will achieve your greatest potential: saving others.

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