Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Astrological Sarah Palin

From a Reader

Nancy...was looking for info on Palin's chart and found you in my Google search. You wrote the following on Sept 1.

"No I would not say she's lucky except in the sense of lucky fluke (Uranus) and I'll tell you why. Because even this much is going to cost her something very precious as a person and that is because it is actually a bit off her path. She has karma going on here. What seems so lucky now will probably result in a complete self-destruct later on and an abrupt end to her career. Do you doubt? Well, nothing is certain but perhaps some things are written. As an astrologer I can't be more specific about the events that will occur but only that they will."

I was actually looking to see if I could find a valid birth time. I was working on a transit chart for someone who has Uranus transiting her 10th house. I was reading Robert Hand's interpretation and the moment I read "You may be tempted to throw the whole job over, to quit and start off in a new direction." The image of Palin popped into my head so strongly that I wondered if she might have Uranus transiting her tenth house right now. Saturn opposing Uranus would be in her 4th house indicative of her family issues.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I find you comments from Sept 1 on target!

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