Monday, March 2, 2009

Venutian TImems x 2 = Lover Coome Back


I’d expect someone from the past to come back in the picture. Nothing is permanent during a retrograde, either a commencement or separation, but you can get a lot of information about yourself and the way you relate to people. By allowing yourself to begin or cut offf a relationship you may get a lot of clarity about your needs. I have seen couples of very long standing hit the skids (to reconcile later) The advice is, “Wait til April 17 and see if you still feel the same way” It is usually a very intense time in relationships.

Put a star by ****March 27**** on your calendar as the epicentter of the goddess’ rage. For example there will be a spike in domemstic violence and guaranteed some crime against women will hit the national headlines. If you normally have trouble with women or one woman in particular such as mother, daughter or sister, for example long, ongoing unresolved issues, get yourshield up or duck off the radar screen so as to avoid unpleasantness unless you like that sort of thing and really want to have it out. I prefer to step aside and allow them to do it to themselves.

Others from the past look us up just to bring perspective. I think the recent surge on facebook is in anticipation of this tranisit.

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