Saturday, March 28, 2009

Learn Astrolgy- Venus Retrograde Inferior Conjunction

This is a typical Venus Retrograde Inferior Conjunction Experience

Nancy -

Man, yesterday was a very explosive and emotive day in my world. Discordant anger at the perceived withholding of love-money-appreciation reached a zenith, with very sharp words and devastating emotional consequneces. Talk about power struggles and disappointments, fear of not ever getting what you want, and resentment. It was like being a tornado that doesn't care about the consequences until the damage is done. The same thing that frustrates satisfaction prevents real change. Here's the perfect analogy - people who no longer love one another still can't get a divorce and leave because they can't sell their property and split the proceeds because the economy won't allow them to do so. Stuck together, they feel trapped in a situation that amplifies their emotions but doesn't allow for real permanent change. This can obviously lead to heightened destructiveness - or to the recognition of a shared problem that has to be endured until the conditions are more favorable to a permanent resolution.

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Anonymous said...

Venus Retrograde is really causing people who are normally nice to come out of the woodwork as "real pieces of work" and thats keeping it clean. It seems like its a me me me and I want more from you society, like the world owes them something. I am trying to
lay low and let the crazies have it to themselves. Tornado? Yes, very volitive activity, people taking advantage, pushy, rude.