Monday, March 2, 2009

Venus Goes Retrograde March 6 - April 17, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen. Grab hold of your SO (Significant Other) and your pocketbook!

Let’s get up to speed for Venus Retrograde March 6 – April 17.
There’s a lot more to this retrograde than the advice commonly heard – “don’t make a major purchase or important relationship decision during this time period”. There’s soooooo much more. I will send emails each day until the 6th with free general advice and inspiration.

Let’s get started. The following is taken from Erin Sullivan, author of Retrograde Planets:

· The degree of discord that arises within one's personal life during the retrogression signals the distance that one is from one's core values and higher creative inspirations.
· The sudden imbalance can tilt one towards an opposing pole, creating tremendous upheavals in relationships and in one's personal experiences.
· The mysterious 'ideal' can interrupt and tear apart what one has found to be loving and nurturing -- flaws and faults in others can become enhanced, and one might see all the dangers of intimacy rather than the supportive aspects of it.
· The call to war after the inferior conjunction of Venus with the Sun might bring forth the dead and one may be recalled to times in the past when rejection and emotional pain conspired to erect an emotional fortress which for current circumstances might be quite inappropriate

Tomorrow, “Come back! Come back! Lover, come back” Prepare to have many visitors from the past.

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