Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hafiz on Fame

Two Bears

After a hard day's forage

Two bears sat together in silence

On a beautiful vista

Watching the sun go down

And feeling deeply grateful

For life.

Though, after a while

A thought-provoking conversation began

Which turned to the topic of


The one bear said,

"Did you hear about Rustam?

He has become famous

And travels from city to city

In a golden cage;

He performs to hundreds of people

Who laugh and applaud

His carnival


The other bear thought for

A few seconds

Then started


~ Hafiz ~

(The Gift - versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)


Moreen Murray said...

That is a beautiful graphic!

Anonymous said...

Not only is the graphic beautiful,
but the message is there. It reminds me of the room full of baskets, and you may choose one, so the person who thought they choose the easy path picked up the tiny one, only to discover, the weight of the world was in that tiny basket, similar to mercury, liquid silver, yet heavy in the flask.