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Music critic Steve Leggett describes Louis Armstrong as "perhaps the most important American musician of the 20th century." [wiki]

b August 4, 1941
[photo from wiki]

Louis Armstrong shows near perfect use of Aries, Leo and Capricorn. My friend Niko and I have ongoing disussions as to the positive and negatve uses of these signs.

His Moon and Ascendant are in Aries. His Sun is in Leo. He has Jupitet and Saturn in Capriorn.

With his winning, youthful, honest and courageous personality, not to mention his incredible generosity and popularity, Louis Armstrong shows the best qualities of these three signs.

At his first Saturn Return, Armstrong started having trouble with his lips and fingers because of the uniqiue way he played. He was forced to branch out into singing and practically "invented" the art of jazz singing single handedly.

An example of his Leo loyalty is that he was given music lessons by a Jewish family while living in a probationary home as a kid. Ever after that he wore a Star of David to thank them.

Also at his first Saturn Return, when he was 28 he recorded "Ain't Misbehavin' ", his biggest selling record to date.

At the time of his second Saturn Return, [60+], the US State Department sent Louis Armstrong to tour Africa, Europe, and Asia as a Good Will Ambassador. An example of his Aries courage is his "public criticism of President Eisenhower, calling him 'two-faced' and 'gutless' because of his inaction during the conflict over school desegregation in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957.... As a protest, Armstrong canceled a planned tour of the Soviet Union on behalf of the State Department saying 'The way they're treating my people in the South, the government can go to hell' and that he could not represent his government abroad when it was in conflict with its own people." [astrotheme]

Armstrong was extremely generous, giving way almost as much as he made (Leo Moon) and supported Dr. Martin Luther King and other civil rights workers.

Wth Venus in Virgo he was a laxative enthusiast.

Barely into his second Return, at 63 "Armstrong knocked the Beatles off the top of the Billboard Top 100 chart with 'Hello, Dolly', which made him the oldest artist to have a #1 song" [astrotheme]

Spreading success over a lifetime is a good use of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn.

Sun in Leo
Moon 13°24' Aries
Mercury 22°58' Cancer
Venus 7°45' Virgo
Mars 13°10' Libra
Jupiter 4°15' Capricorn
Saturn 11°02' Capricorn
Uranus 13°00' Sagittarius
Neptune 0°31' Cancer
Pluto 18°21' Gemini

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Moreen Murray said...

Billie said she learned about phrasing from listening to "Pops" on records...a true giant of jazz. He always seems to be having such a great time....he was also fond of ahem....illegal cigarettes...:)