Sunday, March 15, 2009


What Madoff did to investors seeking pie in the sky and not doing their due diligence is disturbing but what I think we should really stare hard at is that Bernard Madoff served as Chairman of the Board of Directors and was on the Board of Governors of the NASD. Technology that Madoff developed helped form what became NASDAQ.

Unbelievable. Talk about a fox guarding the henhouse.

I was interested to read [wiki] that Bernie Madoff went to high shool in Far Rockaway, New York. My ex husband was a Naval Office stationed in Far Rockaway prior to a tour of duty in Viet Nam. We lived in the very ethic (Jewish and Irish) lower middle class neighborhood. We rented the upstairs of a large Irish family's home to be near the airbase. We spent the first months of our marriage nested up in the attic of Far Rockaways. As a Winetka girl, I was a loooooong way from home.

Bernie Madoff went a long way from home, to, but he got lost.

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