Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas as Tarot Cardds

My blue scarf ...

What did you get for Christmas? I don't mean the price tag or the lavishity degree. Let's read our Christmas presents like a Tarot spread.

For example, one guy whose marriage is in trouble received a pair of hiking boots from his wife. Does she .... want him to "take a hike"?

My Xmas list, the part I choose to share, reveals a message when you realize I live in perpetually sunny 80 degree Southern California.

I got: a GPS system, black velvet gloves and a blue cashmere scarf. Seems people think I'll be traveling to cold climates this year?

What do your gifts reveal? Please feel free to comment.


Moreen Murray said...

2 cookbooks, some vanilla spice body products from the Body hubby wants me to be domestic? L also gave me a gift card for said Body Shop...I chose to think...wants me to smell and look pretty.
Also earrings from my sister, more body products...hmmm...I'm seeing lots of things to make me feel and look pretty...:)

Anonymous said...

My bike was replaced by a nicer one, I live on an island and biking is one of my favorite things. My 8 year old t-boned my last one a few months ago. My artist girlfriends made gifts for my tree and daughter. I received perfume and lovely body cream and new makeup. A honey ham and victorian arrangment also arrived.
I received new cookware and comfy socks from my mother.

Sirensongs said...

um......nothing?? except a few drinks from a friend who owns a restaurant.

Anonymous said...

...if you go this year to the San Francisco Chinese New Year's Parade you have your new gloves and scarf!

Margaret Loris, The Sunhealer said...

Christmas Eve I was treated to an excellent Italian dinner. I received a stuffed toy duck for Fritzl, my dachshund and best friend. A day at the Joffrey Ballet watching the Nutcracker, it was a splendid performance. Then a fine dinner at one of Chicago's best Greek Restaurants, The Pegasus. So I guess I'll be doing a lot of eating this year. Sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely idea -- as valid as dream interpretation or symptom interpretation.

Let's see: I got a bees wax bowl votive candle, some grace philosophy shampoo, a pearl necklace, natural thank you notes and paper, some ginger sea salt soap, a hand-made Christmas ornament made from multi-colored glass beads, some stones with healing properties.

I don't know what the "message" is -- but it feels nurturing, reflective of beauty in nature

pixiequix said...

My father-in-law made me a beautiful table to go along with a shelf that he'd made me the year before. Both pieces were made to house my collection of herbs that I use for making all sorts of potions and concoctions. The in-laws also gave me a gift card to Best Buy, and my boyfriend is giving me a trip to a day spa for some serious pampering and relaxation.

Maybe this year I need to relax and pay more attention to my creative endeavors?

Anonymous said...

Emu boots (Uggs), a new dress coat, jogging suit and stuff for my Wii Fit.

Shama Hyder said...

We skipped presents this year in order to take a cruise later in the year. : )

Anonymous said...

What I didn't get that I wanted was an Astrology Calendar.....well...I guess I got that now too! -dd

Anonymous said...

That's a brilliant thought...will certainly apply that to my Christmas/holiday experience.

sofiya said...

a deck of cards, high high heels, and a leopard skin dress
handsome trouble and fate and choice?

Anonymous said...

Reading presents like tarot. - My thoughts J

Hiking boots.

A journey of strength and boldness. Time to take the road, one step at a time.

GPS system – Travel long distance, new locations, Perhaps new enterprises.

Black Velvet Gloves. – On a spiritual level, The ability of psychometry and using the senses are perhaps eager to flow in conjunction with more inspiration, energy and power. can flow

Blue Cashmere Scarf - Encouraging words of wisdom and communications to flow in a healing way.

Cook books, body shop stuff, - look after health and pamper the self.

Earrings - Listen to what is going on, you might hear good news, Lend a listening ear,

New, better bike. – New beginnings, New road to travel, New places to go.

A journey with the self.

Gifts for tree - Friendship, love, support,

Perfume and body cream, new make up. - Time to freshen up, Romantic experiences ahead. ;)

Honey, Ham, Victorian Arrangement - A change in a busy life style, Perhaps feeling trapped. Nice to reminisce but keep a check on the NOW reality.

New cook ware – visitors arriving unexpectedly.

Comfy Socks - Take time to rest and feel grounded. Perhaps its time for a rest.

Nothing – Time to get back into living, to find new direction, new confidence, set a goal and manifest dreams

A few drinks – life changes approaching

New gloves and Scarf – Warmth, friendship, happiness.

Italian dinner – Might be time to gather areas of life together to create a better life foundation, stability.

Stuffed toy duck – using the imagination to create opportunities might prove beneficial.

Day at the Ballet – A time of reflection, an loving open heart, assessment of a situation,

Fine dinner Greek Restaurant – prosperity, partnerships, opportunities

Bees wax bowl votive candle – A door opening and movement towards something better in which creativity and expression can be expressed.

Phylosophy shampoo – When making decisions make them with a clear mind, wisdom and not judgement.

Pearl necklace – Secrets to come to light,

Thank you notes and paper – Be open to give and receive.

Ginger seas salt soap- Healing of the mind, body and spirit. Time to give to self and not always to others, apply self love.

Hand made Christmas orniment of glass beads – A fragile situation,

Stones with healing properties – The ability to heal, healing hands

A beautiful table and shelf for herbs – Needs are met, A friendly, down to earth, family and friends woman.

Gift card to best buy - Perhaps someone spends time alone, keeps self to self, or the friends circle might need a shake up.

Trip to a spa – Energetic person needs to unwind?

Enu ugg boots - Life might seem a struggle but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, perseverance brings rewards.

New dress – New beginnings, New life, New you. Out with the old, in with the new.

Jogging stuff – let go the troubles, laugh and enjoy.

Skipped presents to take a cruise – Setting priorities, planning, looking ahead, don’t forget the NOW!

Didn’t get what was wanted – A lack of communication, perhaps a tendency to keep self to self. Someone to take a chance,

Deck of cards – Having the whole world in hands. Development of personal abilities. Getting to know the self, A time of spiritual development may, looking within the self and changing within.

High heels – Perhaps feels left out at times or shy and would like to be noticed, daring. Self expression..

Leopard skin dress – Loves life comforts, to feel and look good.

Gilly in the UK

Anonymous said...

I received a book about opera from a person with whom it had been a bone on contention. I think it was a peace offering.

I received TWO pairs of reading glasses. It seems I haven't been seeing things too clearly??

I received a casual top that is the favorite thing I have ever owned which is made of acrylic, which is a fabric the giver does not like. They wear only natural fibers. I think they were sincerely trying to think of what I like - and they scored a big 10.

I received a gift card for Southwest. It seems there is travel in my future??

COMMENTS on others':

When I think of quality, I think of pearls, diamonds, Kashmir sapphires, cashmere, Joffrey Ballet Nutcracker and opera.

Maybe those gloves were silk or velour, and glam, like for a banquet, gala or a new very wealthy lifestyle.

Two BODY Shop gifts from 2 different men. I think your body is much admired. :-)

Hand-made Christmas ornament? Anything hand-made is very special.

Susan said...

I got nothing from my life partner.
I got money (which I needed) from my father and sister. I got cookies and a roasting chicken and more money from customers.
I gave myself a chiropractic appt and massage. I wanted my sciatica to get better and a new job for xmas. I think I will get them.