Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Favorite Jeans

I lost 10 lbs. recently, rendering my FAVORITE JEANS obsolete. I tracked down where I bought them [online at j. crew] and ordered the next smallest size.

Even though they are P for Petite, they need at least an inch and a half taken up. So I had to take them to Miss Lee, the abusive seamstress at my neighborhood cleaners.

Therefore, I've been without jeans for about 10 days and resorted to wearing things like this grey get-up. It feels funny to "dress up" to sit at a computer alll day and it feels funny to not have my uniform jeans.

Today when I picked up my new jeans, Miss Lee scolded me for leaving something else there since December. It turned out is was a pair of my daughter's jans.

The grey pants are sweater material cashmere.


Anonymous said...

Ok Show off, I know you will miss your jeans. Maybe Madame can take them in????

Queen of Wands said...

I bought a new pair that she just shortened. See next picture! Whew, what a relief. Life without jeans is no life at all!