Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Obama - Is He or Isn't He .... African American?

[Barack Hussein Obama's birth chart]
One of my clients wrote this and I think it needs to be said.

THIS GUY IS NOT AFRICAN-AMERICAN! Can we say that please? Can we all accept that please?

He's the son of an African immigrant -- not even an immigrant, a foreign student, DIP not EIEP. A foreign student from EAST Africa, not coastal WEST Africa where 99.9999% of the Western Hemisphere's Blacks originated.

He wasn't brought into the world carrying the emotional and cultural and social and psychic inheritance of trauma and bondage and poverty and violence and intimidation and exclusion that African-Americans carry. (Maybe Michelle does, yes...but sorry, SHE'S not the President and either are the two little cuties or the adorable dog I'm sure they'll get).

He was born under conditions of white poverty and deprivation, he has those experiences, of native white poverty and limitation and kicked ass and did a lot and he's impressive. But we didn't redeem ourselves; we didn't elect someone who has lived the trauma of American history and is now going to set things straight.

Talk to me about Ellis Island if you must, or talk to me about "The Grapes of Wrath." But not Lincoln and abolition and Selma and "I have a dream." That's not really the context. We didn't make up for anything. We're so eager to redeem ourselves, we're inventing things.

I'm happy. He's great. And not just because anything is better than.... He's amazing in his own right. Yes, he's hot too. Great pic at the beach. But can we get a grip???

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