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Are You a Member of th Pluto Club?

What Nancy's readers have said about THE PLUTO CLUB.

1.21.08How I feel Pluto affects my life: I have always had a sense of the underbelly of situations, interactions between people, what is really going on beneath the surface. This has often led me to withdraw myself. When people meet me, they find me too intense, which often results in my being peripheral to social situations (though this is not only enforced by others, but by myself). I can become obsessive about things. If I am researching something, I become totally consumed by it (I am a PhD student). These are just a few examples.

7.27.2007 Thank you. I'm one of the "babies". Catharsis is like, well, breathing for me. I think I've packed at least 9 lives into this one so far. Thank you for being sensitive to the difference. ~k.Dee, email

7.13.2005 An Aries reader says: Scorpios can fascinate me to no end. The few people who have had the power to make me throw my pride out the window have been Scorpios- as far as my experience, they're the only ones who can make people shudder to their very bones.
Nancy says in response: If you're a Pluto type, don't tell me you don't know what he means. Don't give me that innocent Goethe Scorpio Rising look :-) If you think this is the little spring lamb, read Faust and experience Walpurgis Nacht which makes the night of Bald Mountain look like a trip to a theme park. I absolutely love this Plutonic man and his ability to shake me to my roots.
Johann von Goethe

4.14.2007 I believe I qualify as a member of this club as I have Pluto conjunct my Mars AND my Sun, in my 5th house :) And yes, my life is all about transformation. I believe the Abraham Hicks - Law of Attraction - Secret connection will strike a deep chord with all Plutonians as it finally reveals what it's been all about all along - and how the kinds of transformation we're after can begin to occur. I would also highly recommend Kundalini and Ashtanga (Power) Yoga as well as Reiki to any member of the "club". Their soothing, healing effects will be warmly welcomed by anyone struggling with issues of Self and transformation of Self. Oh, and re: "I find it difficult to relate on an intimate level to someone who is not Plutonic" this one made me chuckle. I've had 5 "important" relationships in my life so far and one was a Scorpio moon, two were Scorpio suns, and two were Moon/Pluto conjunctions! Apparently nothing "less" would do!

Ms. Fenn,I just came from reading your assessment of Pluto conjunct North Node. It was fate – I believe, I was meant to read it, I have north node in libra (end of second house) conjunct Pluto (3) – 5.17 degrees. I also have moon in aries (beginning of 9th house) conjunct North Node in aries (end of 8th house) – 3.47 degrees. I found a lot of what you said to be true in my case.
I do like to paint myself into a corner and come out fighting or at least, prepared to. It’s something like realizing a part of myself and thinking I can speak (write) about many things but hardly ever get anyone to say, I understand how you feel or maybe you should try “this” / the rare moments I actually “open” up. It’s like I have to take it all and keep so much to myself, without feedback – that I have to settle for counting on myself at all times, and feeling “apart” from others. Nothing that happens to me is anything less than abnormal.
Surrending to the transformation – Aries to Libra. I’m very much comfortable with being a loner. Being the oldest, my 3rd house (sibling as well, right?) was tapped into after my free-reigning days, 9th house (higher learning, traveling?) days away from them. My mom died and I took custody of my siblings (1999) and I got to make some sort of amends with my mom since we were estranged since I was 7 or 8. It was a hard experience. I met different people – on the one hand, I met many people in my 9th house days but I met many people on the opposite side of the spectrum when I was in the 3rd house days (btw, that is where I am now).
This was very true – my south node does attribute to my feeling that I can live forever (at least a part of me or at least, that would be ideal) or that I won’t die at all – or, at least, I’m not afraid to die. In my Aries dominated days there was a crowd (more in the environments where I was studying), my Libra days are crowded (family, spiritual and biological).
I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful read. I could relate to it all so well.
Thank you and I hope 2007 is treating you and yours well.

Dear Nancy,
I had to write, this article The Pluto Club, literally gave me a little piece of peace during NOW my Pluto conjunct Sun in the 6th and conjunct my north node in the 12th, along with Jupiter conjunct north node coming.

With the full moon this weeked which seems to have exerbated even more horrific circumstances that are presently happening, no food in my house but crumbs, my son in a mental rehab, my car, my finances and last but least my Multiple Sclerosis. My medical astrolger swares I will be cured by 2009, also having natal Uranus conjunct Jupiter. I pray for this to be the finger of God. Saying I gave to him my all. This is how I feel now. I have only God left.

Thank you for that article I found today. It has helped me to believe I will be okay.
My [xxx] has been my Pluto and is ill, and will leave a large sum of money to me when passing. Which I pray will save the day and allow me to carry on with real substance to help the little part of the world I live in. ..

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