Saturday, September 12, 2009

To Aall Cancers Everywhere and Especially Saturn in Cancer

I love the sheltering heart
the sky-wide soul

that makes sure the child in line isn't overlooked,

that sees the turn signal and let's you in,

or notices someone staring into a handful of change and says"Can I help? It's no trouble."

The heart that grabs your hand,

looks you straight in the eye and says,"Look at me. I can see you are hurting.We have to talk."

Then holds all your convoluted ramblings,

your emotional injuries,like they're tangled necklaces

of rubies and pearls,

sorts them patiently

,and smilingly places them all around your necklike you're the princess

with a silly, wet kiss.

The heart that, in a crowded foyer,

isn't rushing for the door,

but scanning the crowd for tiny people,

pregnant women, the wispy elder with a cane,

and not afraid to say loudly,"Easy does it, watch out for your neighbor."
The heart that like a big umbrella,sits through endless, boring community meetings,to be able to

say,"Is the playground still budgeted in?

Can we plant some trees near those benches?

Put a light and a phone booth near that bus stop?

A recycle bin near the picnic tables?"

Looking out for everyone.

A sensitive heart

that asks one last time,"Are you sure you fed the dog?

Do you need anything from the store?

Would you like the last brownie?"

I love the sheltering heart,

whose peace increases with giving

which feels everyone's unspoken needs

fine-tuning the instrument of true living.

Ah, do I love the sheltering heart.

Sayyeda Claire Costello Barry [presumed to be the author]

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