Monday, September 21, 2009

Carl Jung's "Red Book" is Being Published Next Week - See Jung's Horoscope

Photo of Jung at age 6 [wiki fair trade photo]

Carl Jung's "Red Book" is being published next week, the thrill of a lifetime for Jungian's everywhere.

Learn more .... Sara Corbett has an outstanding article in the NY Times, The Holy Grail of the Unconscious.

What is happening in Jung's chart? Neptune is RIGHT ON his 1st house Saturn, an exact hit at 24 degrees Aquarius. This will change his image forever.

His Midheaven just progressed over his North Node, bringing his professional reputation forward.

I would imagine it would be thrilling to loosen up a first house Saturn in Aquarius.

If you have a 1st house Saturn, write me for some free materials It's a tough placement.

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Todd Laurence said...

The 'Big Deal' this week is the publishing
of Jung's "Red Book." Personally I think
it's like walking backwards in time; not
necessary. Jung, working with the physicist
Pauli, (1932-1958) came up with appropriate
conclusions about 'acausal reality.' The
letters were published under title, "atom
and archetype."

The main theme is the nature of "number
archetypes" which Jung concluded is the
most primal archetype of order in the
human mind. "it is here that the most
fruitful field of further investigation
might be found" said Jung....

In the new tv show, "flash forward" the
premise is that every human on earth
loses 2 minutes and 17 seconds of consciousness,
or, as stated on the show, 137 seconds.

The same number that Jung and Pauli discussed,
and commented on in the above url....
"man has need of the word,
but in essence number is sacred" -

New York