Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Palin Biden Debate

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By guest writer Susan Dunn

Opinion about the Palin Biden Debate

I'm a clairvoyant astrologer. I use psychic gifts as well as astrology and the cards.

I was asked for an astrologer's comment on the Palin Biden Debate.

What's most important going on right now astrologically is not Mercury Retrograde (though it matters), nor Pluto entering Capricorn November 28 (very important), but the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

Political debates have long been ritualized, to the point of rigidity. Typically, this one will follow the formal (read: formalized) debate format of 90-second answer and 2-minute follow-ups. Even within that, there are certain unwritten rules that every seasoned professional politician knows. (Saturn)

But guess what? Palin won't be playing by those rules. She doesn't even know them. That's why her interviews sound so odd. Even her voice, her accent. We haven't heard or seen anyone like this in a LONG TIME. She creates the game and the rules, and wins. She doesn't fit in any slot we're familiar with. (Uranus) How is Senator Biden going to deal with that?

Biden has been coached, it appears, about not talking down to her in the debates or pontificating on like senators, judges and other "Saturn" types are prone to do. (I think of the lawyer who told me, when I was trying to figure out a brief I was reading, "The point of legal commuication is not to communicate.")Palin, on the other hand, was quoted in "Debate Offers Palin, Biden high risks, Big rewards," as saying, "[Biden]'s got a tremendous amount of experience and, you know, I'm the new energy, the new face, the new ideas and he's got the experience ...Could this BE more Saturn-Uranus?

And you bet it's a choice as the two face off -- Saturn (experience, tradition) and Uranus (newness, change) I mean.

So here we'll have Biden expecting that "three strikes and you're out," but Palin will still be standing at the plate for the next pitch. He'll catch her fly ball and consider her out, but she'll keep running the bases. Well even more than this, he'll be thinking they're playing football, while she's playing some version of chess she made up.

How can you win when you think you're playing a game, with certain rules, when you are not. With Biden confused by all this (watch his nonverbals), Palin will have the upperhand.She may lose the "battles," but she's going to win the war.

The New York Times said Biden might have trouble with his spontaneity. I think it's Palin's spontaneity he will be having trouble with.

Maybe we're tired of politicians who make sense, because they so rarely do anyway.

There's something refreshing about Palin. And in the last analysis, it isn't her ability to "engage with Sen. Biden" that matters. It's a much bigger game than that, folks. It will be the feel of the debate not the actual words.

Babe Ruth couldn't explain how he was able to hit so many home runs. But hit them he did.

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