Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pluto Heals

The best use of this phenomenal Plutonic energy is to heal our deepest wound so we can “go beyond the nevers”.

Let’s ignore the melodramatic events, fear, panic and reactiveness in those around us who are less conscious. Let’s use Pluto’s energy to leap tall buildings rather than leaping from tall buildings.

Pluto can remove blocks of a lifetime.

Share with me in complete confidence what is the one thing you have never been able to have or do your whole life long, your greatest desire and your greatest fear (they are always the same), and I will put it on my altar and pray with you for the next 33 days for your transformation and deliverance.

I am a birth #33 (6), the Master Healer. Christ died and rose at 33.

Guidelines …
This is Pluto so you must prepare your words carefully. As the Greeks say, be careful what you ask for, you may get it.

Therefore I suggest …

It must be one thing.

It must be the deepest thing. (Don't "test" or waste this oppportunity).

It must come from the most honest place possible inside you.

It must be generalized; for example you can’t ask for a specific person.

You must realize and acknowledge that what you are actually doing is asking to be transformed into the kind of person that can have what you can’t seem to ever have. YOU are going to change and then the world will conform. Are you ready for this?

If need be I will ask you to rephrase for your own sake.

You must be precise with Pluto because the energy is so powerful. Take this opportunity to get beyond the one thing that has always stopped you from having it all.

I will pray on my home altar every day for 33 days, till Pluto goes direct November 28.

There are no “deals” with Pluto. If your cause is just and you are inwardly prepared for healing, expect miracles.

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Anonymous said...

WOW, Thank you Nancy! I feel empowered and light.

You have just super charged my batteries in the lords direction not to mention the overall great feeling of healing inside and out for all people, places and things! I am on board, I am at the alter in my house~ hallelujah, praise the lord and bless this great nation & for the good of all mankind, Amen.

Have a great day
Love n Hugs,