Friday, December 18, 2009

Tiger Woods and Pluto into Capricorn ... and YOU!

Tag Hueuer has now distanced itself from Tiger WOods. We see business acting as a moral force. It's the GREAT thing about business and with Pluto going in to Capricorn it's time to come of age - just like war spawns all sorts of very valuable medical and technical advances, business brings a certain type of backwoods equity, i.e., if you can afford to pay x amount I will sell it to you regardless of r c or c.

Pluto is firmly in Capricorn now. If you ever doubted the undermining power of this planet look at what happened to Tiger Woods’ life in just a few days. Tiger Woods has his Sun in Capricorn.

The same thing is going on with our own individual social and familial structures. We may not all by any means be living double lives but somehow it is possible to drift into bad territory and get stuck there, like with a long marriage or family dynamic that has become quite toxic. If so, this will probably be the worst holiday season you’ve ever had and the toxicity of your relationships may become just too deadly to ignore any longer. That’s Pluto at work.

Very many of you are absolutely at your wit’s end, knowing you simply cannot bear the status quo a minute longer .

This is Pluto at work. My advice is to take a good look at all of it and say goodbye, knowing you’ve tried your hardest (probably since 1982). Then prepare to act on your discovery in 2010. Prepare to see it all fall apart or fall away to reveal a better place for you, a better relationship or relationships. This is Pluto ending the 1982-2009 cycle and starting a brand new one.

It certainly will help to get a Tarot or astrology reading and I’m here working all during December and January.

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