Thursday, December 3, 2009

Saturn/Pluto Square as Pluto Enters Capricorn

Now that Pluto entered Capriciorn, we'll be hearing from that amorphous thing called "The Collecive" more often and it will have a new voice. Often it sounds like a combination of the Church Lady and your Father when you know you're in big trouble.

Take for example the Tiger Woods scandal. The usual platitudes come out of Woods' mouth ("I let my family down" etc.) but i notice some shifting in the press' and bloggers' reactions. They are a little more cyncial, blase but also they are starting to question out loud and in this context whether men are monogamous and whether fidelity is still a good criterion for marriage.

Furthermore all the latest juicy transgressions have been by Republicans or members of the Establishment. It will be interesting to see if this is a trend. The Collective is by definition conservative.
Tiger Woods has Uranus stationary direct on his Descendant = wife gone bezerk = 7th house matter suddenly exposed.
How could he do this? The combination of Gemini and Scorpio can be a signature for leading a double life. It will be very hard of his Saturn in Leo and Ascendant in Virgo as there is a part of him that really wants to be Mr. Goody Two Shoes. Pluto is in Tiger Woods' 4th house with an inconjunct to Saturn in Leo - a complete self destruct where his image is concerned which could be costly with his endorsements and career.

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