Friday, June 5, 2009

Susan Boyle's Astrology Chart

art from Wikipedia Commons

With her Saturn in Capricorn in the 8th house, worldly power is what Susan most wants and most fears. If you're over 30 you know what it's like when you get what you "always wanted" - it's a kind of curse. Susan is showing the kind of anxiety attached to Saturn issue.

Susan is a great spirited Aries, Jupiter, 9th and 11th house sort of gal whose first song about Dreams touched a universal chord in all of us.

These planets and houses explain that Susan would stay out of the public eye til late in life butmight be catipulted to fame.

Is she really a virgin? More likely she is the victim of sexual abuse with Saturn in the 8th. She would avoid sex until she had all the power .

Susan's South Node is in the 10th house which also has encouraged her to stay at home or close to home and work on her own identity, getting secure within herself before reaching for the stars.

It it's time for Susan to get past her deep roooted Saturnine fears, that Mars in Cancer on the horizon could make her very career oriented and of course we know what she does with a crowd (Cancer Rising).

As for her supposed crush on Piers ... well, heck, who doesn't have a crush on Piers? !

In case you live under a rock, Susan Boyle is the runner up on Briton's Got Talent this season. She has become an absolute phenomenon and I love her lots. Cancer Rising is killer for an audience - her vulnerability is capturing hearts all over the internet and around the wo rld. One you tube video showed 66,000,000 hits.


Mita said...

I love her voice as well. My cards tell me she's going to do even better in the year ahead. I pray she finds the courage to face upto public criticism. What did you mean by Cancer rising and the audience?

Queen of Wands said...

Cancer Rising and Cancer Midheaven are extremely appealing to audiences.

Susan looks like Taurus Rising to me with her thick neck and blush.