Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kris and Adam ... Both are Winners

An Astrologer Explains about Kris and Adam

This article contains the birth chart of Adam Lambert and the birth chart of Kris Allen. Click to enlarge.

The finale of American Idol’s eighth season was a complete surprise to most of us as the clearly more talented contestant with greater star quality, Adam Lambert, was upended in the final vote by wholesome almost demure and, yes, also very talented Kris Allen.

How could this happen? An astrologer knows.

First, the vote occurred during Mercury Retrograde, a time when there are surprise reversals and switched endings. Mercury goes retrograde (backwards from our perspective here on earth) for several weeks three different times each year. It was during a Mercury Retrograde on November 7, 2000 that the American people went to the polls in the tightest presidential race since 1876. The Supreme Court decided the winner, George W. Bush, after Mercury went direct.

But it's more than that. Pluto, the planet of global transformation, has just switched signs for the first time in 15 years, bringing very deep changes in our image of males. Pluto is now transiting Capricorn, the sign of the father. Remember this combination. It will be big in the next decade. Saturn-ruled Capricorn meets Pluto which rules Scorpio. Any combination of these energies will feature subtly in far-reaching changes on the planet.

With his wicked Goth attire, Adam Lambert represents the dark father (Darth Vader), while Kris plays the perfect wholesome Ward Cleaver (of “Beaver” fame) foil. Adam quoted acid rock star Jimi Hendrix for inspiration. Kris quoted Vince Lombardi, a popular 1950s football coach. With Pluto entering Capricorn we all are going to have to deal collectively with the presence of dark, mysterious chthonic male energy, but since this year’s crown was decided during a retrograde, it’s like we stood up and said, at lest 500,000 + 1 times, “No! Not just yet!”

Kris' demeaning manner was apparent when he stuttered at accepting his award and title, seeming to not even recognize the money and power (Capricorn ruled) that comes with it.

Movie stars like Brad Pitt are helping us redefine our image of men and especially fatherhood. It doesn’t have to be either/or like Adam or Kris.

But wait! There's another twist. Zodiac sign traits are so revealing of the mysteries of the universe. Both finalists' charts are here. Without the exact time of birth, the charts are set for noon and the houses and Rising Signs are not known.

Ironically sweet, wholesome looking Kris reveals a deep connection to the zodiac sign traits of Pluto because his South Moon Node is in Scorpio the sign ruled by Pluto. Before age 30, a person is most like their South Moon Node. Kris Allen also has Saturn in Scorpio. Wait a minute! Who's the real Darth Vader? Kris is acting ingenuous and innocent -- like many with prominent Scorpio zodiac traits, but he is incredibly powerful and materialistic. It's all an act.

And there's another twist. Adam's "darkness" is all an act, too. Adam Lambert has a chart full of the zodiac sign traits of an open, honest, ethical, and high-minded idealist: Sagittarius, Aquarius, and the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra and Capricorn. His Goth tough guy is a mask.

Adam reveals the Pluto/Capricorn signature because he has Saturn and Pluto in tight conjunction with his South Node in Capricorn.

Adam and Kris herald the entry of Pluto into Capricorn like mirror twins. Adam came into the collective on the wave length of the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction which occurred this week but yields in weight to Pluto's transit of Capricorn which has more long lasting impact for our evolution.

Would you rather date Kris or Adam? To learn more about the signs, visit Zodiac Sign Traits.

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