Friday, February 13, 2009

Don' t Worry ... Mastermind!

Are you worrying about finding a job or losing the one you have? Don't worry. Join our POSITIVE Mastermind Group.

Stay away from GroupThink. Stay away from negative people.

You got where you are right now because of the way you think. To get somewhere else you need to think differently.

It's easy: Change your Mind.. Change your Life.

Join us today. Email me.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, I am in my office across the hall and have candles, classical music, plants, paintings, yet my husband has on in SURROUND SOUND all day, CNN. I think it's ok to watch the news once a day, so you know what is going on, but not ALL day long, the same 30 minute message of negativity. He is being more positive since he has seen what this has been doing to me. I come in and switch cooking, shopping, gardening, anything but the news. We are having many armed robberies here, which is rare since I live on an island and you can't get away without a boat or going over the bridge. Please, all be carefull.