Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Introverts are not Bad and Wrong!

From KJ:

Wow... here I was just trying to understand why noise and disruption at work push me to the the point of getting not just irritated but angry.

Started perusing your site and bookmarked it... wow... I always knew I was an introvert based on Myers Briggs tests (INTJ) but to read the experiences from other introverts... wow... maybe I'm not so nuts/neurotic and this is just a big part of who I am... and the conflict always comes from trying to NOT be that because well meaning people around me push me to be more extroverted, which invariably throws me terribly out of whack.

I'm going to be all over your site (at work right now) later on because this site is explaining a LOT about who I just inherently am, and that it's not wrong or bad...

Please visit www.theintrovertzcoach.com for articles and resources.

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