Monday, May 4, 2009

What are Your Patterns and Path?

Regarding her Patterns and Path Report, she writes ....

Wow, Nancy, I feel you have seen into the depths of my soul. I score off the charts as an extrovert. However, that is what I want people to see. There are indeed many things about me that I don't allow many to see ….”

About his Patterns and Path Report, he writes …

For some reason it deeply affected me. I even struggle with trying to talk about it….well, I have found I've been unable to figure it what emotional dynamic it stirred in me much less describe it.

There was a recognition when I read it. But then I went strangely quiet and I'm not sure I've processed it. Everything in the report rang true and I identified with all of it. But there is a resistance in me to fully accept that is my "path" in this life. I don't think I've reconciled who I am with other conflicting wants and desires. But I'm not even sure that is the real dynamic going on in my psyche. That said, confusion doesn't describe what I feel either. I just feel really quiet about it and have a sense I need to wait for...something. I feel like something is pending...or that something is building up to something.

I think about the information in the report every day.

Order your Patterns and Path Report today. Are you ready to look deep into your own psyche with my loving eyes?

An amazing glimpse at your psychic core.
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More raves ...

From PB...

Thank you Nancy for your Patterns and Path report. Such an honest and telling story of who I have become. It is right on and shows me your amazing and uncanny abilities. The Secret message, however blew me away. I have been thinking about it ever since I read it. I will continue to think about it and consider it an extremely awesome comment. You struck a cord that I did not know was within me. It made me feel that even though I am getting rather long in the tooth that I may still have something in me that is worth shariing.
Namaste, PB

R got her report and writes ...

Hi Nancy -

I just read through the [Patterns and Path Repor] report. When I asked you about it Friday I wasn't sure if this would bring anything new to light as we have been through my chart so many times, but what a delightful surprise! What was I thinking?! Of course, it is always changing, as is the earth and sky - upon which relationship this astrology is based! You know how much I love it when the light bulb comes on and I learn something new (or is it old, we are rediscovering what we already know).

What a creative and illuminating process to complement the journey! I have always been interested in the patterns myself although not done much reading on them, as I haven't come across much on the subject. Over the past few years the patterns have stood out more to me in our conversations. Thank you for sharing your awesome gifts of perception and insight....
Have a great day!

R (I'm going to go back now and read through again!)

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