Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Best Description of Virgo Ever!

This is quite possibly te best ddescription of Virgo I've ever read ... by a client.

To the Virgo description:
I wish there was a way to get it across that Virgos aren't just critical of details, we're the lovers of them. I feel myself carrying the burden and the joy of loving things that other people can't even see. I love the flowers in the desert that are so tiny they can't be seen without a microscope. I love them and I want to see them. I love the spiders, and especially the little red spiders whose whole bodies aren't any larger than a period. I love the flowers not just the whole bunch in a bouquet, but the individual petals, not just the individual petals, but the lines in the petals. I love the whorls on the echinacea, and the points. I love the little rocks in the sand and I could look at every one: the beauty of those tiny little shards of stones means more to me than a mountain. Or even a mountain would be loved so much better in miniature -- if I could walk it and feel my foot on every stone, and smell the air, and feel the coolness of the stone, and the memories of each one. It seems to be misunderstood that all a Virgo is is a critic, and a critic of minutiae; the love part gets missed. For one to say that a Virgo would get crushed if the thing wasn't exactly right: would be to miss that a Virgo is ALSO soaring with joy and happiness when the tiniest of things is RIGHT.
Bring me home a single starlight mint, and I am more grateful than many people who have just been handed a diamond tiara.

Another example interpersonally: perhaps a non-Virgo needs the broad brush FULL acceptance of the FULL person, but a Virgo, at least THIS Virgo takes DELIGHT in a small, subtle expression of understanding and beams and glows. For example, when someone just said to me, "If you were an apple polisher" (meaning I wasn't) I took that as a very high compliment, and took happiness from this tiny implication). Or when you sent me an e-mail telling me not to worry, thus indicating that you had given some thought to who I am and what I feel, and what is going on, and said those words: that is a small detail that makes me
trust you, and you have my devotion and loyalty for that small thing.
In other words, I think Virgos are easy to please, if people would merely understand how easy.

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