Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 15, 2910 Lunar Elipse Interpreted

Today’s Lunar Eclipse takes place with the New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, pretty dark energy. It was anticipated, as eclipses usually are, by the tragic earthquake in Haiti and talk about Haiti’s “pact with the Devil”, a right wing religious myth that has perpetuated since Haiti’s emancipation from the French and relative to its condition compared to the neighboring Dominican Republic.

It need not necessarily mean 6 months of dark events. Here are some positive interpretations of ways to use this energy. The influence of an eclipse lasts until the next one. They are about 6 months apart. The word is “influence”. Though scary to witness, lending themselves to medieval reaction, eclipses are more like more stock to a soup bases.

Aries: transform your relationship with your father and the establishment, possible through legal matters

Taurus: transform your ability to give to others possibly through being forced

Gemini: transform your ability to relate to the simple truth of a matter possibly through something that it is written to you

Cancer: transform your ability to take care of yourself possibly through the failure of others to carry through on their end of the bargain

Leo: transform your ability to focus on day-to-day mundane matters perhaps through the efforts of someone who’s tired of all the melodrama

Virgo: get a promotion or recognition about your work, possibly through the truth coming to light how much you do and others don’t

Libra: transform your life by changes to your home, possibly a move, a new relationship or Feng Shui

Scorpio: transform your life by speaking up for yourself using a well reasoned argument

Sagittarius: transform your financial situation – something you’d completely forgotten about (lucky you!)

Capricorn: slowly begin the long series of changes that await you in the years ahead

Aquarius: transformation through visitations from the past

Pisces: the beginning of a very spiritual year with renewed vision and spirituality

Nancy R. Fenn


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